More Farmers are needed!

As the average age of farmers increases, more and more are retiring. New farmers are needed to keep our country fed. We offer an internship and apprenticeship opportunities to those seeking to learn the practical side of sustainable farming. We provide meals and housing if needed, a small cash stipend, and production bonuses. Our 10 acres provides fresh in-season produce for farmers markets and restaurants in nearby cities and more locally as well.

We typically grow 50+ varieties of open-pollinated produce, they are primarily heirlooms or future heirlooms. We grow seed for a couple of regional seed companies and our local seed library. We also have a small flock of pastured chickens which provide eggs for market as well. We have just finished some fences and added some dairy goats and hogs to the farm.

We primarily host Interns and Apprentices between Easter and Thanksgiving, though we are open year round to the right candidates. Interns eat with us, family style, and are expected to help with meal preparation and/or clean up. Housing is provided in one of two spare bedrooms in our basement or in your tent. We are planning on building a small cabin for guests (possible project?) at some point in the future. We speak english and hope you can too. No pets, we have plenty for your use. We have extremely limited Wi-Fi, but go into town to go to the library each week, theirs is awesome.

If you are willing to pitch in, work hard, and have fun doing it then you can expect to experience all the workings of a small family farm; feeding, milking, egg gathering/washing, using biodynamic methodology and practice, helping with crop propagation, soil preparation, planting, weed management, irrigation, harvest, seed-saving, and marketing in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and locally. The farm is diverse, complex and interconnected. Therefore, all Interns will get exposure to and experience with the other aspects of the farm, including our pasture raised hens for eggs, shed and fence construction, high tunnel management, record keeping, and biodynamic prep making.

If interested please email us at