Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer.

This page is to help fill in the gaps of conversation that don’t get to happen at the Farmer’s Market. We applaud your efforts to get to know better the source of your nourishment. We like to think that the blurb on our sign has all of our adjectives on it, but here is a closer look:


Our family run farm gratefully provides consciously grown heirloom and open-pollinated produce using sustainable non-certified organic and biodynamic methods.


Family Run – Every task on the farm is done with the direct oversight of myself, my wife or one of our girls (they know more than they let on).

Gratefully Provides – We farm because we want to, and are happy to share with you the bounty of our harvest so that you too can eat nutritious, flavorful, vine-ripened food.

Consciously Grown – Everything we do at the farm is done with intent, and in the knowledge of the effects of those actions on things greater than ourselves.

Sustainable – We try to source all of our inputs from as locally as possible. We take into consideration how feasible each of our actions is over the long term.

Heirloom and Open-Pollinated – We do not grow any hybrid or GMO crops. We grow varieties that have stood the test of time, not the test of a variety trial based on characteristics better suited to shopping at a supermarket instead of a Farmer’s Market.

Non-certified Organic – We do not use any chemical inputs. We are not certified for two reasons: the first is that a for a farm our size certification is not economically practical; the second is that the standards for certification are written for large farms and are unable to address an individual farms individual situation.

Biodynamic – Biodynamic is an organic growing method that has a higher emphasis on sustainability and uses specific composting and soil preparation methods to grow food of higher nutritional value.


Hopefully these additional insights will give you a better understanding of who we are and how we do things. See you at the market!