Organic Gardening Workshop Series

Where: E.G. Fisher Public Library, Community Room                        When: 6:00 - 7:30 pm, Second Tuesday of every month


March 8
The Garden Space: "Organic" vs. Eco-logical, site                                          selection, soil.
April 12
Planting Considerations: Soil fertility, variety choices,                                   rotation, seed vs. set.

May 10

Urban Gardening: Small space considerations.

June 14
Weeds and Bugs: IPM, organic solutions to problems.

August 9

Seed Saving and Fall Planting:
Methods, isolation, storage, Timing, variety selection.

September 13

Season Extension & Cover Crops: Low tunnels, high tunnels, Reasons examples.

October 11

Composting & Biodynamics: Benefits and Methods.